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Minutes from the ATLAS-UK Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger Meeting

Monday 31st January 2000 at 10 am

RAL Conference Room 4 R27 (Atlas Centre)

These minutes are internal working documents of the level-1 groups, and do not necessarily represent the official views of any part of the Atlas trigger or data acquisition community.


The original agenda is here

The Minutes themselves. 

These may be retrieved here. Alternatively as an ascii text or in pdf.

Copies of the Transparencies.

DSS LVDS Tests - Richard Staley
CP ASIC/FPGA PDR - Summary - Tony Gillman
PPr MCM PDR - Summary - Tony Gillman
Serialiser Status Report - Ian Brawn
A Proposal for a Timing and Control Module (TCM) for use with the Prototype Trigger Processor - Bob Hatley
CPM Specification - Richard Staley [which includes a preliminary backplane specification]
Status of Reviews - Tony Gillman
Forward "Jet" Triggers? - Alan Watson
ATLAS Trigger Simulations - Present and Future? - Alan Watson
Data Acquisition Software - Status January 2000 - Norman Gee
A view of DAQ-1 at RAL or as gif - Bruce Barnett
A view of ROOT at RAL - Tara Shah
Work with HDMC Software - Scott Talbot

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