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Latency Working Group

Members:    Eric Eisenhandler, Tony Gillman, Paul Hanke, Murrough Landon, Gilles Mahout, Uli Schaefer, Sam Silverstein

This page is a working area for any discussions about trigger latency. The Working Group itself was proposed by Eric in April 2003, with the general brief to ensure that the overall latency of the Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger system was contained within its defined Latency Envelope. It consists of  representatives from each sub-system (PPr, CP, JEP) and others with related interests. The first meeting of the group was by means of a Phone Conference in May 2003, with the following agenda. The full Minutes of this first meeting are available, or you can just read the summary. A subsequent update was issued in June 2003.

A working spreadsheet document is in preparation.


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