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Online System Operating Instructions


Checking what's happening.

DATAFLOW tab,  ROS_L1CaloTrig key, select ROS_111... and check that counters increment.  The Dataflow tab often takes several seconds to respond and update statistics.
MONITOR tab. Select mon_l1calo_kicker, then click the blue arrow at the bottom RHS of the main window. This provides events for monitoring. The ROS may lose some events.
To start monitoring:  
   Type ssh pctb-lv1c-ros01  Connect to the ROS PC;
   Type bash Start the bash shell.
   Type histotest & Start a detached task running the histogram filling program.
To start the histogram display program:  
   Type ssh pctb-cttb-lv1c<xx> Connect to a suitable computer in the online group. To avoid loading the ROS computer, this should be one of the concurrent boards, where xx=02,03,04, or 06
Type display -p TDAQ_PARTITION -s Histogramming -n l1calo Note that all options are case sensitive.

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