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Online System Operating Instructions

To access the system

Log in on the flat screen as user l1calo_daq  
Type ssh pctb-lv1c-ros01 to connect to the ROS PC;  


Starting a run

Type play_daq $TDAQ_PARTITION Starts the online system. Wait for the Graphical interface to start. The window has tabbed panes on the right, and the main window on the left.
MRS tab, select ALL under subscription settings Subscribes for all system messages. The message window can be cleared at any time using  the Commands menu in the Gui.
On the main window, press the BOOT button.
Starts all online programs
L1Calo Tab, set Run Type to  Testbeam_CPM Playback The run type depends on what is needed. The Help icon (like a red cross symbol) provides  information on the options available.
GENPARS tab:  
        set Generator to LvdsCpmHit In a simulation run, specifies the type of test vectors to generate. See the help files (red-cross icon) for a list of the generators available.
        set Ticks between L1As to 20000 In a simulation run, sets frequency of L1As generated. A large value avoids busy problems if the busy network is not cabled.
        ensure required modules are enabled Defaults to the set used in the previous run. DSS1 must be enabled to generate L1As for simulation.
On the main window, press LOAD
On the main window, press  CONFIGURE
When this transition completes, all links should be up but there should be no DAVs.
On the main window, press  START The system should now be taking data.



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