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Welcome to the home page for the UK HEP System Managers.


 The next HEP SYSMAN meeting will take place on Monday 17th November at Queen Mary University of London.

Details of the meeting can be found here.

List of Contacts

Details of how to use the HEP System Managers mailing list can be found here.

Proposal for UK HEP institute computing representation via system managers.

CNAP Memorandum on Computer and Network Security.

This is a quick guide for general computer users on the issues involved in computer security.

UK HEP Sysman Meetings

June 2014 at RAL    November 2014 at QMUL

June 2013 at RAL    January 2014 at Birmingham

May 2012 at RAL    November 2012 at Lancaster

June 2011 at RAL    November 2011 at QMUL

          June 2010 at RAL    November 2010 at Birmingham

June 2009 at RAL    October 2009 at Queen Mary

June 2008 at RAL     November 2008 at Manchester

          May 2007 at RAL     October 2007 at Imperial College

          May 2006 at RAL     October 2006 at Cambridge

April 2005 at RAL     December 2005 at Oxford

July 2004 at RAL       November 2004 at Manchester

April 2003 at RAL      December 2003 at Birmingham

April 2002 at RAL      November 2002 at UCL

April 2001 at RAL

March, 2000 at RAL   November 2000 at UCL

November, 1999 at UCL

May, 1998 at RAL      September, 1998 at UCL

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