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UK HEP Forum
"Dark Matter:
Cosmology and Particles Physics"

The Cosener's House, Abingdon,UK

May 14-15, 2005

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Saturday 14th May
Current Status
9.30-10.00 All coffee
10.00-10.15 Nigel Smith Introduction and aim of meeting
10.15-11.00 Minchin Dark Galaxies ppt
11.00-11.45 Merrifield Galaxy Structure and Dark Matter ppt
11.45-12.30 Anne Green Dark Matter Halos and Directionality pdf
12.30-13.30 All lunch

Cosmological Reflections
13.30-14.10 David Cerdeno Dark Matter in SuperSymmetry pdf
14.10-14.50 Celine Boehm The Cosmological Situation
14:50-15.30 Celine Boehm Light Dark Matter particles ppt
15.30-15.50 All coffee
15:50-16.30 H. Krauss Direct Dark Matter Detection (Continental Europe) ppt
16.30-17.15 R. Gaitskell Direct Searches (US) pdf
17.15-18.00 T. Sumner Direct Dark Matter searches (UK) ppt
18.00-18.45 Will Sutherland Astronomical Solutions to Galactic Dark Matter ppt
19.00- All

Sunday 15th
Future Expectations
 9.00- 9.45 J. Binney Modified Gravity ppt
 9.45-10.30 Hamaguchi Gravitinos as Dark Matter pdf
10.30-11.00 All coffee
11.00-11.45 Dan Hooper Indirect Detection pdf
11.45-12.30 R. Gaitskell New results from CDMS pdf
12.30-13.40 All lunch
13.40-14:20 Kai Zuber Neutrino Mass via Neutrinoless double beta ppt
14.20-15.00 H. Telle Neutrino Mass via Tritium End point ppt
15.00-15.10 Ken Peach Summing up
15.15-15.30 All Tea and close

Any queries contact Valery Khoze , Bill Murray or Nigel Smith