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Minutes from the ATLAS-UK Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger Meeting

Thursday 11th May, 2000 at 10 am

RAL Conference Room 4 R27 (Atlas Centre)

These minutes are internal working documents of the level-1 groups, and do not necessarily represent the official views of any part of the Atlas trigger or data acquisition community.


The original agenda is here .

The Minutes Themselves.

These are available here as pdf   (definitive) and as html.

Copies of the Transparencies.

LVDS test results with TTC clock - Richard Staley
Common Merger Module - Norman Gee
Schedule and Review Update - Tony Gillman
DAQ-1 at RAL - Bruce Barnett
DAQ Work Plan - Norman Gee
A view of ROOT at RAL - Tara Shah
Conversion of Simulation to OO - Ed Moyse
How well does OO work online and offline in BaBar - Paul Bright-Thomas and Alan Watson
Spares Policy Update - Norman Gee

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