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Minutes of Working Groups & Telephone Conferences 2004–2007

These minutes are internal working documents of the L1Calo groups, and do not necessarily represent the official views of any part of the ATLAS trigger or data acquisition community.

Hardware Status


Q1:   11-Jan, 25-Jan, 08-Feb, 22-Feb, 08-Mar

Q2:    12-Apr, 03-May, 16-May, 14-June

Q3:    26-July, 09-Aug, 23-Aug, 06-Sept, 20-Sept


Q1:    05-Jan, 19-Jan, 02-Feb, 16-Feb, 02-Mar, 30-Mar

Q2:    20-Apr, 04-May, 18-May, 01-June, 15-June

Q3:    13-July, 10-Aug, 24-Aug, 07-Sept, 21-Sept

Q4:    05-Oct, 19-Oct, 02-Nov, 16-Nov, 30-Nov, 14-Dec


Q1:    13-Jan, 17-Feb, 03-Mar

Q2:    21-Apr, 12-May, 02-June, 16-June

Q3:   28-July, 01-Sept, 29-Sept

Q4:    3-Oct, 27-Oct, 24-Nov, 08-Dec


Q1:    16-Jan, 30-Jan, 13-Feb, 27-Feb, 26-Mar

Q2:    08-Apr, 23-Apr, 06-May, 19-May, 03-June, 17-June

Q3:   12-Aug, 26-Aug, 16-Sept, 30-Sept

Q4:    4-Oct, 28-Oct, 11-Nov, 09-Dec

Firmware Working Group

More details

Latency Working Group

More details

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