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Presentations at ATLAS and LHC General Meetings

These are listed in date order, most recent first.

 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)D. Charlton ATLAS Overview Week (Glasgow), July 2007 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)R. Stamen ATLAS Overview Week, February 2007 ppt
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler ATLAS Overview Week (Stockholm), July 2006 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)S. Hillier ATLAS Overview Week, February 2006 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)M. Landon Trigger/DAQ Workshop (Mainz), October 2005 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)K. Mahboubi ATLAS Overview Week (Paris), October 2005 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler Trigger/DAQ Workshop (Frascati), November 2004 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)A. Watson/N. Gee ATLAS Calorimeter Calibration Workshop (Tatra mountains), December 2004 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)A. Watson ATLAS Overview Week (Prague), Sept 2003 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)S. Silverstein ATLAS Overview Week (Clermont-Ferrand), June 2002 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)G. Mahout ATLAS T/DAQ Week, April 2001 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler LHCC Referees, July 2000 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)P. Bright-Thomas ATLAS Overview Week (Dubna), June 2000 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler ATLAS Week, February 2000 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)U. Pfeiffer ATLAS Overview Week Plenary, June 1999 pdf
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)N. Gee ROD Workshop, November 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)N. Gee Trigger/DAQ Workshop: Level-1/DAQ Infrastructure (Chamonix), October 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)N. Gee Trigger/DAQ Workshop: RoIs (Chamonix), October 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)N. Gee ATLAS Plenary, September 1998  postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)N. Ellis LHCC: Level-1 Overview, Performance, CTP, TTC, July 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler LHCC: Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger, July 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)E. Eisenhandler Trigger/DAQ Review Overview, March 1998 postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)P. Bright-Thomas Level-1 ATLAS Week Meeting, March 1998  postscript
 bullet_green.gif (972 bytes)S. Hillier ATLAS Plenary, November 1997  postscript


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