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TDR Updates - BCID

This page provides information on changes to the calorimeter trigger design made after submission of the TDR. Information on changes to TDR Algorithms, External Systems and Technologies is also available.

Saturated-pulse BCID.

TDR - Sections 5.3.2, 5.3.2.x, pp 107-114 Updated Version
Lookup table method is baseline, leading edge discrimination under investigation. Two methods now foreseen, in order to be sure of reliability in case of unexpected problems:

(1) analogue discrimination of leading edge, essentially as described in TDR section

(2) digital discrimination of leading edge, using two thresholds. This is new, and is described in ATL-DAQ-99-009.

Lookup table BCID, as described in TDR sect., has been dropped. There will be logic to select the way in which the two saturated-pulse methods and the FIR-filter unsaturated-pulse method are used, as a function of pulse amplitude.

Presented: ATL-DAQ-99-009
Status: Agreed solution. Analogue discrimination is external to Preprocessor ASIC, digital methods are inside it.

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