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Test beam 2004

Here may be found general information about plans and results from the 2004 test beam.

The installation is in hall 887 on the Cern II (Prevessin) site in France. To reach the level-1 area, park in front of building 890, walk north between 890 and 895, continue north through 907 and down steps into 887. A film badge is required. The level-1 area is one of the rooms on the Right at this level. The main ATLAS rooms are downstairs below this entrance.

Phone numbers in the Level-1 room are (+41 22 76 ) 76773 and 77542


L1Calo and Calorimeter Information

L1Calo Planning

  • Pilot visit: August 2-6 2004.
  • Main Test Beam Run: September 6 - October 4
  • 25ns Test beam Run: 08:00 October 5 - 08:00 October 11
  • Calibration Testing: October 12-26
  • Packing and shipping: October 27-29.




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