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Module Results - Preliminary

Cooling: water cooled chuck; hybrid sensors report 28.0C

Detector Bias 150V, 650nA in dry nitrogen environment
Power: SCTLV2 + choke

Bias Current 220mA, Shaper Current 30mA

Three Point Gain (untrimmed)
Trim Scan
OLD Response Curve (bad) and NEW Response Curve (good)


Noise Occupancy plotted on linear and logarithmic scales,  scurves for link0 and link1.  This data set was taken on 20th April after some bug fixes to the software.

Results summary file
Trim file

The only channel defect found is that one channel is connected to only one of the two detectors, all other channels are perfect.  Since this defective channel does not need to be masked, there is no mask file for this module.

For your amusement, here (postscript, text summary) is the output of a new macro which studies the TrimDAC characteristic for each setting of the TrimRange.  The macro still has a couple of bugs, but you get the idea....

Last update: 24.04.01

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