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ABCDAQT - supports ABCD2T

ABCDAQT version 0.62 - binary only (right click and "save link as...")


ABCDAQ version 0.553 - binary only (right click and "save link as...")

The latest version of ABCDAQT is version 0.62 dated 22.10.99.  The program is based on SCIPP_DAQ written by Wilko Kroger at Santa Cruz. It has been written using MS DevStudio 97 and Visual C++ version 5.0. This software provides a starting point for the testing of hybrids and modules with ABCD chips using the UCI DSP and Cambridge BC96 cards.

Testing has been performed using a Pentium Pro 200 machine running WNT 4.0 SP2 with 96MB RAM.Some information about how to configure your NI-VXI interface can be found here, shortly to be joined by brief operating instructions for ABCDAQ.  I would recommed if possible that you stick with the same VME addresses which I have used for both the DSP and BC96 cards:  unexplained clashes have been observed in some systems when using other addresses.

New this Release:

For ABCD2T (chipset 4):
  • Individual trimdac settings for up to 1536 channels may be loaded from a simple ASCII file at startup.  The file comprises one number per line.  Two formats are supported: the number can be an integer in the range 0-15, or a floating point number in the range 0.00 to 1.00.  If the mean trim value is found to be less than 1, the floating point format is assumed.  To load a trimdac file - and program the chips accordingly - ensure that the varaible chipset is set to 4 in the detector configuration file and add a line "trim_file:    myfile.trim".  Some examples are available here.

  • From the GUI, all trimdac settings may be programmed to a given value in the range 0 to 15.
  • From the GUI, a trimdac scan may be initiated.
  • From AutoPilot files, the stub "trimdac:" may be used to set the trimdac value in the range 0 to 15.
  • From AutoPilot files, the stub "trimscan:" may be used to scan the trimdac value.


    For ABC/CAFE (chipset 5):

  • The calibration constants used for VTHR, VCAL and FE_BIAS have been adjusted to suit this chipset in the case where chipset==5.
  • The program has only been tested with an ABCD1 module - please report any problems to me.


    Limitations: New Since Last Major Release (0.50) Likely Future Developments:


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    Comments / questions / suggestions: please contact Peter W Phillips
    Last Updated 22.10.99 - release ABCDAQT version 0.62
    Previous Updates 21.10.99 (twice)- release ABCDAQT versions 0.60,  0.61
     01.03.98 - release abcdaq version 0.553, plus source code. 18.12.98 - release abcdaq version 0.55.
    29.10.98 - link to revised BinRAL code, compatible with kumac library.
    16.10.98 - new kumac library; 09.10.98 - release source to 0.54;  28.09.98 - release abcdaq version 0.54;