Installation Guide Part 1: NI-VXI configuration

(more to follow!)

You must add your BC96 and DSP to the NI-VXI configuration using the NI-VXI configuration editor before running RESMAN then, finally, ABCDAQ. You should also increase the user window from its default setting of 32KB. For one BC96 and DSP 128KB is more than adequate, but I erred on the side of caution....

If you have a BICC VERO VME crate and you cannot get the MXI-2-VME card to work in slot 1, try taking off the jumpers at the left hand side of the backplane: certainly works for me. (Thanks to Neil Falconer of RAL Technology Department for this top tip!!)


N.B. if your DSP card is at base address 0x80000, BC96 must be moved from its default base address of 0xD0000 otherwise it will clash with the DSP. I moved BC96 to 0x20000, where the system works reliably.

PCI-MXI-2 Configuration Editor / Bus Configuration Editor

Non-VXI Device Configuration Editor

  • Device PseudoLA Manufacturer Frame Slot A24 Base A24 Size
  • BC96 301 Cambridge 1 2 20000 10000 **
  • SEQSI 300 RAL 1 3 10000 20
  • DSP0 310 UCI 1 4 80000 10000
  • DSP1 311 UCI 1 5 100000 10000
  • ** One BC96 card requires only 0x1000 bytes memory space. The above configuration is good for 16 BC96 cards at consecutive base addresses.

  • Comments / questions / suggestions: please contact Peter W Phillips

    Last updated 03.08.98 - add BC96 address tip