Basic Outline of the RAL Barrel Module Hybrid Mounting Hardware

General Outline

The outline was to design a hybrid mounting system which allowed non-dedicated staff to fit any hybrid onto a 4-detector sub assembly. It had to be usable by those wearing glasses, and require a minimum of setting up. It had to be expandable to allow construction of more than 2 modules a day. If possible it had to contain items that might transfer to other operations such as wire bonding. Its major action is to allow alignment of the hybrid in XY and Z relative to the previously aligned detectors.

We have purchased some custom optics which should allow us to see the hybrid and detector within a single field of view.


The main point to understand in the mounting of a hybrid is that the action is to wrap the 4-detector sub assembly around the hybrid, rather than the inverse.  A short animated film viewable with MediaPlayer or similar is viewable here.

Brief Description of Hardware

The optics is supported on a cantilever arm over a pair of rails which are aligned left right relative to the operator. The 4 detector sub assembly is mounted into a carrier which is equipped with 2 cover plates (one each side). A baseplate which is fitted with a manual XYZ stage to which the hybrid pickup plate is fitted. The carrier is in turn clipped onto the baseplate which slides on the two rails. It is hinged so that it may be rotated on the baseplate to give access to ether side of the module.


Assume the hybrid is in a carrier component side up.
  1. Fit the baseplate onto the rails.
  2. Load the hybrid onto its pick up jig on the baseplate using a mixture of vacuum to get Z and pins that fit down the 4 holes (two in each hybrid) to give XY control.
  3. Load the 4-detector sub assembly into its carrier and fit the covers.
  4. Slide the baseplate from under the optics rotate it around one of the rails and clip the carrier onto the baseplate. (The carrier rotates on the baseplate along the fold line of the hybrid).
  5. Slide the baseplate with both the hybrid and 4 detector sub-assembly under the optics.
  6. Pre-align the hybrid relative to the detectors using the standard linear motion stages mounted on the baseplate.
  7. Slide this assembly from under the optics. Rotate the baseplate around the rails to give access to the underneath of the module and hybrid.
  8. Rotate the carrier to give access to the top hybrid.
  9. Apply the adhesive to the feet of the top hybrid
  10. Rotate the carrier back to its original position
  11. Return under the optics for final alignment.
  12. Remove and put aside to cure.
  13. For second side of the hybrid, remount the baseplate.
  14. Turn off the vacuum to the topside hybrid.
  15. Rotate the carrier the module around the bottom hybrid.
  16. Align as before.
  17. Remove and set aside to cure.
  18. Fit the covers (blue in the video) and remove the carrier.


Drawings are complete apart from detail of item to hold hybrid as we are awaiting an engineering drawing. A prototype item is being constructed now in anticipation of the first batch of KEK hybrids.

Last update: 17.08.00
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