This is a database of materials which might be considered for use in detector construction work, in a searchable format.  The database was compiled by Richard Apsimon of RAL, who can be contacted at .


Preface (by R.J. Apsimon)

    The following database contains information on materials that might be used somewhere in the construction of a silicon inner tracker for an LHC experiment.  The list is in no way exhaustive and indeed is only intended  as a foundation for several individually tailored versions.  The database was compiled using Claris "FileMaker Pro® version 3.0", running on a Macintosh computer.  [The database has since been converted into Microsoft Access '97 format for Web publishing.]

    To facilitate computer searching, some data have been simplified.  For example, if a given material is said to have a tensile strength in the range 1000-1300 MN m^-2, this will be entered as 1150 MN m^-2.  This is done to ensure that the search routines work efficiently.

    The author will be happy to hear of any errors or ommissions contained within the database and also to receive information (in Microsoft Access '97 format please) on any new materials for inclusion.


    Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information contained within this database is correct, no responsibility can be taken by the author or Rutherford Appleton Laboratory concerning the properties of materials listed.  This compilation is intended as a guide to further research and should not be used as a definitive text.

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Database compilation by Richard Apsimon.  Database conversion and search engine by Matthew Brown.  Most recent revision 6 August 1999.