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Module Results

Test Status Comments Links    
IVCurve (1) OK 1.6 microA at 500V Postscript Data as Text  
HardReset PASS no defects      
FullBypass PASS no defects      
Redundancy PASS no defects      
Pipeline PASS no defects      
StrobeDelay PASS Strobe Delay between 14 and 17      
ThreePointGain PASS Gain between 53.9 and 59.5 mV/fC

Noise between 1424 and 1562 ENC

Postscript Data as Text  
TrimRangeScan PASS One channel (1279) fails TR_STEP cut

- nothing to worry about

Postscript Trim range 0

Trim range 1

Trim range 2

Trim range 3

Trim range -1

Mask range 0

Mask range 1

Mask range 2

Mask range 3

Mask range -1

ResponseCurve PASS Gain between 54.0 and 59.1 mV/fC

Noise between 1439 and 1534 ENC

Postscript Data as text  
NoiseOccupancy PASS Occupancy at 1fC is 7.44E-6 Postscript S-curves link 0 S-curves link 1
Timewalk PASS Timewalk between 11.5 and 12.2 nS Postscript    
IVCurve (2) OK 1.2 microA at 500V Postscript Data as Text  

Results File

Some wiggles on noise occupancy scurves below 0fC threshold, but otherwise a perfect module.

Last update: 06.02.02

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