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VXD3 NIM paper figures (eps files)

Future LC Experiment

Discussion Meeting with Jonathan Dorfan - 12 June 2002

Linear Collider Flavour Identification Group (LCFI Group)

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Recent talks  

LC Vertex Detector technologies, LBNL  13 Jan 2004

Strategies for pickup and noise suppression with different vertex detector technologies, US LC workshop at SLAC 9 Jan 2004

Connections between Vertex Detector and Beam Delivery System, workshop at Daresbury Lab 30 July 2003

LC Vertex Detector technologies, US LC workshop at Cornell U 13 July 2003

LCFI Status, US LC workshop at Cornell U 13 July 2003

Vertex Detector Plenary, Amsterdam ECFA/DESY 3rd April 2003

LCUK, QMUL 5th February 2003

Feedback from Vertex 2002 18th December 2002

PSD6, Leicester 10th September 2002

LCWS2002, Korea 28th August 2002

John Dowell Retirement Celebration 3rd July 2002

9th European Conf on Semiconductor Detectors 27 June 2002

Presentation to PPARC Science Committee 30 January 2002

Chicago LC Workshop: Status Report from LCFI Collaboration  8 January 2002

CERN: CCD Vertex Detector for future Linear Collider   28 November 2001

BNL RHIC Workshop: New CCDs   14 November 2001

LCUK Daresbury: World-wide vertex detector R&D 31 October 2001

Snowmass: Flavour Identification (Stefania's talk)     15 July 2001

Snowmass: Pixel-CCD Overview     10 July 2001

Snowmass:  LC Detector Introduction     3 July 2001

Presentation to DESY PRC   17 May 2001

Manchester Wkshop on detectors for SR   19 March 2001

MPI Munich 1 March 2001

LCWS2000 (Fermilab)  25 October 2000

Bad Honnef Si Detector Workshop    19 June 2000

Berkeley 2000    29 March 2000 

Recent papers

Update on flavour tagging studies for the future linear collider using the BRAHMS simulation (DESY LC note LC-PHSM-2003-012) June 2003 PS

A CCD-based vertex detector for the future linear collider (DESY LC note LC-DET-2003-060) Aug 2003 PDF

LCFI proposal to PPRP April 2002 PDF

Report to Science Committee January 2002 PDF  

LCFI status report to PPESP of November 2001  PDF

LCWS2000 (Fermilab) writeup December 2000

TESLA LC Note LC-DET-2001-023 'CCD-based vertex detector ...'   PDF or PS or WORD

TESLA LC Note LC-PHSM-2001-024 'Flavour tagging studies ...'    PDF or PS

LCFI proposal to PPESP. Final version of 18/3/01. PDF (2.2 MB) or PS (18.5 MB)

TESLA TDR: Vertex Detector section    PDF (421kB) or PS (4.0 MB)

Vertex Detectors: Review Paper 95-008

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