Conferences and Workshops



IEEE Nuclear Science and Medical Imaging, Hawaii 28th October-3rd November
ICATPP, Como 8th-12th October
Vertex 2007, Lake Placid 23rd-28th September
Lepton-Photon, Korea 13th-18th August
Radiation Imaging Detectors (IWORID07), Erlangen 22nd-26th July
EPS-HEP, Manchester 19-25th July
Large Scale Applications and Radiation Hardness of Semiconductor Detectors, Florence 27-29th June
Phyiscs in Collision, Annecy 26-29th June
LCWS 2007, Hamburg 30th May - 3rd June
DESY PRC 10th-11th May Steve Worm
ILC Software and Tools Workshop, Orsay 2nd-4th May Sonja Hillert
DIS2007, Munich 16th-20th April 2007 Tim Greenshaw
IOP Nuclear and Particle Physics, Surrey 3rd-5th April Erik Devetak
Ben Jeffery
Michal Koziel
Tim Woolliscroft
9th ACFA ILC Physics and Detector Workshop & ILC GDE Meeting 4th-7th 2007, Beijing Chris Damerell
ILC Detector Test Beam Workshop (IDTB07) 17th-19th January Dave Cussans


ILC Workshop, Valencia 6-10th November
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, San Diego 29th October-4th November
IPRD06, Siena 1st-5th October
Hiroshima Symposium on Semiconductor Tracking Detectors 11th-15th September
Vancouver Linear Collider Workshop 19th-23rd July Joel Goldstein
A Vertex Detector for the ILC, Ringberg 28th-31st May Chris Damerell
Joel Goldstein
Tim Greenshaw
Sonja Hillert
Konstantin Stefanov
Steve Worm
Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors, Elba 21st-27th May
UK HEP Forum, Abingdon 6th-7th May
IOP Particle Physics, Warwick 10th-12th April
ILC Software and Physics Meeting, Cambridge 4th-6th April
International Symposium on Detector Development, SLAC 3rd-6th April
LCWS06, Bangalore 9th-13th March Konstantin Stefanov
Steve Worm


ECFA ILC Workshop 2005 14th-17th November Chris Damerell
Sonja Hillert
Steve Worm
Vertex 2005 7th-11th November Konstantin Stefanov
Steve Worm
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium 23rd-29th October
9th ICATPP Conference on Astroparticle, Particle, Space Physics, Detectors and Medical Physics Applications 17th-21st October
LCUK Collaboration Meeting 5th October
The Seventh International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors 12th-16th September
Pixel 2005 5th-8th September Konstantin Stefanov
American ILC Workshop, Snowmass 14th-27th August David Bailey
Chris Damerell
Brian Foster
Joel Goldstein
Tim Greenshaw
Mark Grimes
Helen Heath
Sonja Hillert
Andrei Nomerotski
Steve Worm
EPS HEP2005 21st-27th July
LCUK Collaboration Meeting 8th July Steve Worm
7th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors 4th-7th July
ILC-BDIR Workshop, Royal Holloway 20th-23rd June  
Fourth International Conference on New Developments in Photo-detection 19th...24th June  
10th European Symposium on Semiconductor Detectors 12th-16th June Tim Greenshaw
LCWS05, Stanford 17th...22nd March David Bailey
Chris Damerell
Joel Goldstein
Sonja Hillert
Konstantin Stefanov
Open Meeting on the ILC, RAL 25th January Steve Worm
Large Detector Workshop, Paris 13th...15th January Tim Greenshaw
MDI Workshop, SLAC 6th...8th January David Cussans
Steve Worm

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