Computing Update (Mar-2000)


Computing centered around 4 systems:

Tru64 UNIX Tru64 UNIX SMP Linux NT4
---------- ---------- --------- ---
Alpha-stn Alpha-stn DELL dual-proc PC DELL PC
500/400 XP1000 Precision Wkstn 610 Optiplex
EV5 EV6 2 * Pentium Xeon Pentium
400 MHz 500 MHz 2 * 400 MHz 200 MHz
512 MB 128 MB 128 MB 64 MB
DLT 7000 DLT 4000 DLT 3000 Travan
9/9/9/9 GB 18/18 GB 9/18 GB 2/10 GB
(StorageWorks) (StorageWorks) (internal) Internal

Operating systems




  • Most machines interconnected via 3-Com 10/100 Mbps Ethernet switches over Cat5 UTP at 100 Mbps (good for security as well as network performance and load).
  • LAN now connected to recently-installed College Gigabit Ethernet backbone.

    Useful facilities


    Most of our most useful software is free via GNU, or provided via DEC Campus.

    Bought software includes:



    1. How to handle order of magnitude increase in local data-handling requirements.

    2. Management overload does not go away - mainly because "software" personnel are occupied with experimental commitments. Dropping VMS & making NT a secondary system have helped, but security measures and new software & peripherals make new demands.

    3. Original desktop PCs becoming obsolete - will need to start upgrading soon.

    4. Encountered first need to purchase expensive software for involvement in future experiments (Together for OO development in ATLAS).

    5. What do we do about Windows-2000? Drag our feet probably, but the College is planning on making its move to NT in this version.

    6. We have some concern that SUNs might be becoming flavour of the day & we have none!

    RC / rc@hep.ucl.ac.uk / 11-Nov-1999