UK Dark Matter Search


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UK Dark Matter Search

Lecture Road Map

Lecture Road Map

What is an Observatory?

Or Is It….?

Weighing a Galaxy

The Dark Matter Halo

Weighing Galaxy Clusters

Weighing the Universe

Expansion of the Universe

The Hubble Flow

Hubble Flow (Elsewhere)

Cosmology Standard Model

How Massive is the Universe?

Lecture Road Map

PP: Standard Model

Dark Matter Candidate Review


Contributions to _

Baryonic Dark Matter

Microlensing Searches

Lecture Road Map

Non-Baryonic Dark Matter

Cold Dark Matter


Lecture Road Map

What are Cosmic Rays?

Extensive Air Showers

Detecting EAS

PeV Neutral Cosmic Rays

EeV Cosmic Rays: Auger

Lecture Road Map

Hot Dark Matter - Neutrinos

Neutrino Production in SSM

Solar Neutrino Problem

Atmospheric Neutrino Problem

Solution to Both Problems

Super Kamiokande Results

Implication of Results

Lecture Road Map

Principles of WIMP Detection I

Principle of WIMP Detection II

Sodium Iodide Detector

Background Signals

Boulby Potash Mine

Shielding Systems

‘Stage I’ Results

Background Discrimination I

Background Discrimination II

Discrimination Results

Current NaI Situation

Liquid Xenon Scintillation

Allow recombination

Prevent Recombination

Signal Identification

DRIFT Collaboration

Low Pressure Xe Gas TPC

State of the Art in Cosmology

Author: Nigel J. T. Smith


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