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There are no comprehensive national or international e-mail directories; the closest approximations are probably:

Another useful aid, when you have country/organization information, is the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) CCSO phonebook gateway (to over 300 directories worldwide), or other World telephone directories.

For particle and astroparticle physicists, the first place to search is the (University of Durham-maintained) Particle Data Group e-mail ID database (to register your own - UK - details, contact M.R.Whalley@durham.ac.uk). Nominally the same database is HEPNAMES at SLAC; this also includes a link to a comprehensive collection of (HEP-oriented) other resources. LANL have links to a number of other e-mail databases.

The corresponding databases for astronomers can be searched on-line either with ESO's Get-Email Gateway or (using more up-to-date lists) Starlink's 'Astrosearch'. The IAU's members addresses database is also on-line-searchable. There is also a (searchable) Cosmic Ray Community address list.

The IOP is building a Physics Encyclopaedia of E-mail Records, with registration from WWW.

If you know which organization your `target' works for, you may be able to make a reasonable guess at a valid e-mail address: many organizations are now using arrangements which accept addresses of the form a.n.other@site.type.country , where type is `ac' or `edu' for academic institutions, `co' or `com' for commercial organizations, and (sometimes) `gov' for government establishments; country is usually a two-letter country-identifier (`uk', `fr', etc.) - normally absent in US addresses; and site is how the organization chooses to identify itself. With luck, if you don't succeed outright, you will at least get an automatic reply saying that the address you used is unknown, but offering you a list of possibilities among which may be your target. Otherwise, you may find the organization you want among the directories I've collected, mostly by using a `search engine'.

Finally, Keele University's Directory Services, Exeter University's Finding E-Mail Addresses of Individuals, Mary Houten-Kemp's Everything E-mail or dalamb@cs.queensu.ca's College E-Mail Addresses may prove helpful.

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