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Some help with HTML.

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UKDMC Intranet

Some sources of guidance for writing HTML (all on WWW):

- and many, many more! As you'll probably realize from the last 2 URLs, almost every University Computer Administrator fancies him/herself as a font of wisdom on HTML.

You could also try asking one of the many `search engines' to see what it can find about HTML on the Web - I've put links to a large selection of these on our `home page' (URL: http://hepwww.rl.ac.uk/ukdmc/) under Aids to Web searching. You'll also find (at the foot of the home page) a link to the W3C HTML Validation Service.

An obvious thing to do as a beginner is to look at other people's HTML - just `view source' (or whatever's the equivalent on your browser) - but remember that what you find that way isn't necessarily good HTML!

While looking for something entirely unrelated, I came across HTML, SGML, And All That Stuff, full of links to other HTML primers, etc. I haven't ploughed through what it offers, but you may find something useful.

Finally, some other useful links.