Dark Matter and Neutrinos


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Table of Contents

Dark Matter and Neutrinos

What is an Observatory?

Or Is It….?

Weighing the Earth

Testing for ‘Missing’ Mass

The Earth’s ‘Missing’ Mass

Weighing a Galaxy

Weighing Galaxy Clusters

Weighing the Universe

How Massive is the Universe?

PP: Standard Model

Dark Matter Candidate Review


Contributions to _

Baryonic Dark Matter

Microlensing Searches

Non-Baryonic Dark Matter


What are Cosmic Rays?

Extensive Air Showers

Detecting EAS

Antarctica & The South Pole

Antarctica & The South Pole

PeV Neutral Cosmic Rays

EeV Cosmic Rays: Auger

Hot Dark Matter - Neutrinos

Neutrino Production in SSM

Solar Neutrino Problem

Atmospheric Neutrino Problem

Solution to Both Problems

Implication of Results

Principles of WIMP Detection I

Principle of WIMP Detection II

Sodium Iodide Detector

Background Signals

Boulby Potash Mine

Travels of a Physicist

Shielding Systems

Boulby Potash Mine

‘Stage I’ Results

Background Discrimination I

Background Discrimination II

Discrimination Results

Future Systems - Xenon

Dark Matter and Neutrinos

Author: Nigel J. T. Smith

Email: n.j.t.smith@rl.ac.uk